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Get a sneak peek of Methodist's new ad campaign, 'Our Greatest Impact'

Published: May 2, 2024
Jenni Stoll leadership update

A message from Jenni Stoll, Methodist Health System's vice president for Marketing


At Methodist, helping people is at the core of what we do. Some of us assist in performing complex surgeries and procedures. Some of us help navigate difficult journeys with patience and compassion. Some of us work behind the scenes ensure a safe, secure and efficient environment to receive quality care. How we help looks different for each of us, but the collective impact of our efforts is integral in ensuring that our patients receive the best care to live their healthiest lives.


Our greatest impact is your healthiest life

Our new advertising campaign, “Our Greatest Impact,” is centered on that teamwork mentality and launches on Monday, May 6. This comprehensive campaign features over 70 physicians, clinicians and staff from across the health system who are shown standing firm, standing strong and standing together.

Centering Methodist providers and staff in our advertising is important because YOU deliver The Meaning of Care to our patients and their families each and every day. This intentionality is what makes our message genuine, authentic and powerful. It also demonstrates what our patients can expect when they interact with someone from Methodist at one of our hospitals, one of our clinics or in the communities we serve.

This campaign is aimed at blending the care and compassion we’re known for with our desire to improve outcomes through technology and innovation. Methodist is well-known for the care and compassion that we provide to patients and families in the communities we serve, but what some may not realize is that we’re also passionate about shaping the future of health care through the use of innovative treatments and the newest advancements.



How we consume media continues to evolve, and I’m happy to say that our media plan has, too. This comprehensive campaign includes media in many forms – TV commercials, billboards, digital and print advertising, as well as social media. You’ll continue to see commercials on broadcast and cable TV, but you’ll also see it when you’re watching streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube TV. Subscription TV and digital and social media can be highly targeted based on demographics and location, which allows us to highlight providers and staff in Omaha, Fremont and Council Bluffs to consumers in each of those markets.


Thank you

I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fantastic team of people that helped bring this campaign to life.

First and foremost, thank you to our providers and staff who agreed to be featured and so graciously shared their time with us.

Thank you to the Methodist Marketing team, specifically Tanya Patry, Lauren Greisch, Savannah Kittleson, Amy Fachman, Chantel Asselin Dunn, Chloe Fullenkamp and Dan Johnson, who worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was right.

And thank you to our advertising agency partner, Anderson Partners, and production company, Torchwerks, for their conceptual and technical talents.


Enjoy a sneak peek

As you view the commercials below, I hope you feel a sense of pride. It takes all of us to create the experience that’s expected by our patients, their families and our communities. That’s why, as the campaign proudly proclaims, We Are Methodist!