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Important tax information regarding Methodist's transition to Fidelity Investments

Published: Jan. 26, 2024
HR and benefits

1099-R forms are being distributed to employees who were participants in the MHS retirement plan at the time of our transition from a 403(b) with Principal to the new 401(k) with Fidelity Investments. You should use this document when filing your 2023 taxes.

Form 1099-R is used to report the distribution of retirement benefits. With the transition to Fidelity and the new 401(k) plan, the 403(b) plan was terminated. With the plan termination, all 403(b) participants received a distribution – as either a rollover to Fidelity, rollover to another institution or cash distribution – and all participants will receive a 1099-R.  Employees of Shared Service Systems will not receive a 1099-R, as the Shared Services Plan merged into the new MHS 401(k) plan.

The 1099-R form will be coming directly from Fidelity via NetBenefits and/or U.S. mail. Log in to NetBenefits to see if a 1099-R has been posted to your profile.

If you have questions about this document, please contact Fidelity directly at (800) 343-0860. Any questions related to tax implications should be directed to your tax preparer.