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Military Employee Resource Group

Interested in Joining?
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Photo of Methodist Health System Employees at Forge Ahead 5K.

Mission Statement

To create a culture of inclusion and diversity for active military/veteran service members and their families within Methodist Health System. To build a sense of community and understanding within our community through shared experiences, recruitment, career development, outward engagement, professional growth and retention. 

Military Employee Resrouces Group Expectations

At this stage, we simply ask that you participate, either actively or passively, in the things that interest you. For example, if you’re not able to attend an event live, watch the recording when you get a chance. In either case, share feedback! You're not expected to share personal military experiences, but you are encouraged to use those general experiences to help our community of veterans and allies.

Living the CARE Pillars

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Key focus: collaboration, outreach, partnership


  • Provide a welcoming community in and around Methodist Health System.
  • Continue to develop and promote Methodist’s community involvement with and for our military service members.
  • Provide opportunities for members to interact with the internal and external community and military support organizations. 
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Key focus: support, action, retention of talent 


  • Facilitate partnerships within the community and attain Military Friendly organization status.
  • Develop resources for employees and patients, and allow for a sense of camaraderie for former and active military members and their families.
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Key focus: development, retention, recruitment 


  • Provide educational resources and support to our military service members and their families.
  • Enhance recruitment opportunities by participating in efforts including Military Friendly Organization (MFO) status and the DOD SkillBridge Program.
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Key focus: feedback, awareness, guidance 


  • Provide education and development opportunities to our military service members and other employees within our system.