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Safety – Harmony – Inclusivity – Nondiscrimination – Equality
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Photo of Methodist Health System Employees at Omaha Pride

Mission Statement

SHINE is committed to safety, harmony, inclusivity, nondiscrimination and equality. We will work to further the mission and values of Methodist Health System while promoting the interests of LGBTQIA+ employees with the support of allies across the Methodist community. We are committed to creating a safe environment that prioritizes privacy, respect and community in support of Methodist’s overall diversity and inclusion strategy.

SHINE Expectations

This group encourages all levels of participation, including passive and/or anonymous involvement. No member is expected to share anything more about themselves than they are comfortable with. Our allies are asked to focus on listening, learning and supporting, but all members should commit to creating an inclusive and positive culture within the group. 

Living the CARE Pillars

Community Icon


Key focus: collaboration, outreach, partnership


  • Increase awareness of the group throughout the organization to organically build our membership base. 
  • Build relationships and a sense of community within the group.
Advocacy Icon


Key focus: support, action, retention of talent 


  • Grow the network of champions for LGBTQIA+ inclusion within Methodist Health System.
  • Ensure that leaders have the tools and language to actively support LGBTQIA+ employees.
Resources Icon


Key focus: recruitment, development, retention


  • Create opportunities for LGBTQIA+ employees and allies to network across the organization in a safe and comfortable environment.
Education Icon


Key focus: feedback, awareness, guidance 


  • Provide educational opportunities that highlight LGBTQIA+ voices in the health system and our communities.